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Are you worried about what your child is going to do after school? Searching for a more structured environment that they can enjoy while you finish the workday? Look no further! We here at Black Belt USA are offering the most exciting and beneficial after school activities in the Charlotte area! 

Help your child develop problem-solving skills, build long-lasting friendships, and best of all: grow both physically and mentally.

After School near Charlotte

Black Belt USA After School Activities Will Keep Your Child Moving And Entertained

At Black Belt USA, we are dedicated to ensuring that your kids have a safe and fun environment to learn and grow in. Our After School Program is full of fun activities and games that will help your child release energy while also instilling in them habits of the initiative, fun activity, and fitness.  PLUS, we provide structured time for school work. We set aside time for your kids to complete their homework and reading for the night! With help from our After School Program instructors, each child will receive assistance and instruction as they complete their assignments.

Outside of providing time for school work and kids martial arts, our After School program offers even more! Your child can develop the confidence and teamwork skills created by the martial arts. We provide transportation within a 7-mile radius, keep a professional eye on all of our students, and work hard to give every student the opportunity to thrive. 

After School near Charlotte

Through our After school program, your child will get:

  • Professional supervision
  • Development of teamwork and leadership
  • Fun martial arts-style activities
  • Tons of new friends and mentors!

Book your spot for the Black Belt USA After School Program today! We'll help your child wrap up the day with an enjoyable and educational experience they'll look forward to coming to every day!

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When school isn't in session, Black Belt USA is working to make life more fun for kids and more stress-free for parents! Drop by our location here in Charlotte or simply fill out the short form below to get started with our after school program!

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