We are excited to announce our re-opening of Black Belt USA. The health and well-being of our members and staff remains our TOP PRIORITY as we proceed to our “Soft” re-opening.

1. Students will practice social distancing at all times.

To manage this, we must limit number of students per class. Everyone must sign up for class. Sign up link will be post weekly. No walk in.

Markers on the floor throughout the dojang will guide students in lineups to ensure safe distance is observed. Students will use hand sanitizer as they enter the dojang.

No contact techniques only.

We will not practice self-defense with partners.

We will focus our curriculum on kicks and techniques in the air and on bags to perfecting forms.

No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, etc. We will simply use a respectful bow or wai to greet people in a courteous and safe way.

2. Face coverings are required.

Student will also be given face shield for addition protection. Wearing socks is also an option.

BBUSA Staff will always be wearing masks.

3. Drop off only!

To reduce the number of people in the school at any time, we ask that you drop students off and either wait in your car or come back to pick up students after class. There will be no waiting area in the lobby so please be on time picking up your child.

4. We will check temperature upon entry.

If you feel ill or someone in your family is sick, please stay home and attend online class.

5. Entry and Exit Rules

Students will enter the main doors, go through the lobby to the training room. Students will remove their shoes before stepping on the mats and put their shoes against the wall in the front of the dojang. At the end of class, instructor will dismiss students a few at a time to prevent bottlenecking while putting shoes on. Students will exit the front door or wait for their pickup outside at the front of the school. We hope this will be an effective way to help maintain distance between students between classes.

6. Extra Sanitation

There will be time between classes to clean floor, kicking bags, door handles, bathrooms, etc. between each class.

All instructors will wash their hands thoroughly between each class.

7. Ventilating the Dojang

Opening school doors to allow better ventilation. (Weather dependent, of course!)

8. Restrooms & Dressing Rooms

Dressing Rooms will be closed. Please arrive dressed and ready for class. Do not leave your uniform at school. Uniform must be washed after each class.

Please encourage students to use the restroom at home prior to coming to the dojang. Please only use school restroom if absolutely necessary and wash hands thoroughly after use.


We have a cleaning protocol at BBUSA. Every day, the entire school is sanitized. Our mats, paddles, bags, etc. are cleaned daily.

We understand it is a difficult time and we hope we can work together at the Academy to practice excellent sanitation and prevent the spread of germs and infections. We will continue to adapt and make adjustment as needed as we proceed.

Grandmaster King

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